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Have you noticed there’s no other place for teenagers to talk about travel?

Here you can read what other teenagers have to say about travel – from day trips to journeys abroad, shopping, eating, coasting, and other activities on vacation. Also, parents can read what teenagers like and dislike about family vacations and destinations so that they can plan a family trip that YOU will enjoy.


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So Many Things to do in Vegas…


We were only in Vegas for 3 days, yet there was so much to do. What did we decide to do?

Since it was my first time in Vegas in years we traveled to the most touristy places. We weren’t staying on the Strip so we drove there first. There were so many people for New Years, it was insane! Anyway, we took pictures of the famous Eiffel Tower.


I’m very proud of this picture, one of few photographer-type-pictures. We then went to the Bellagio. This hotel is GORGEOUS! So fancy and luxurious.


The real reason we were standing there was for this:


Every 15-30 minutes there’s a fountain show. It’s so cute and well worth the couple minutes it lasts. Next, we went to Caeser’s Palace. This hotel is even MORE BEAUTIFUL! Out of all of the hotels, this was my favorite! So luxurious, and there are so many stores in there! I think I could have stayed there forever.

The next, day we went to the famous roller coaster: New York, New York.


It was only $14 per person, but we had coupons from our hotel, so we got them for $7 each! My sister and I climbed on and it was so much fun! It was freezing, around 40 degrees and with the breeze blowing in your face, our faces were numb!

That same day, we went back to our hotel and despite it being in the low 40s, my sister and I wanted to try the water slide that goes through the shark tank.


The pool was heated so we were able to withstand the cold when we were inside. We were able to cross that off our bucket list.

Another thing we were able to cross off our bucket list was to try Earl of Sandwich! Delicious!


We ordered the a sandwich with bacon that I can’t remember what it was called, but I remember how it warmed me up! There are only a selected few throughout the country, some of which are in Downtown Disney in Disneyland and Disney World. We had heard everybody talking about this restaurant and we were expecting something amazing, and it definitely met the standards.

Can’t wait to go back to cross off more things from our bucket list. We still have the Stratosphere to visit, see the original Las Vegas sign, see a Circus de Soleil show, visit the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, and have dinner in the sky (the Stratosphere).

Best Doughnuts in Portland? It’s Debatable.


Before coming to Portland, I was constantly told that I need to experience Voodoo Doughnuts, “the best doughnuts in Portland”, and just as often, if not more, they would just leave it at “the best doughnuts”. I feel like half of my conversations about Portland have included, “Have you been to Voodoo yet?!”

And yes, I have. And I enjoyed it. Quite a lot, even. I had a bacon maple bar, apparently a classic, and I was pleased. I was also blessed enough to be able to sample from friends a few of the other doughnuts, including dirty snowballs (Chocolate cake doughnut with marshmallow topping, dipped in coconut and peanut butter in the middle), Arnold Palmer (Plain cake doughnut with vanilla frosting and lemonade/ice tea dust), and Dubble Bubble (Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting, bubble gum dust and a piece of bubble gum).

And it was yummy.

And the decor of the different Voodoo Doughnuts locations in Portland I have been to have been equally wild. The atmosphere is eccentric and fabulous, and totally in the spirit of their product, which was at times questionable, always wild, and definitely delicious.

One major thing Voodoo can brag about is that they have a LOT of options, even for those who are vegan! A full list of their doughnuts can be found here:

Screenshot 2015-01-19 at 2.40.45 PM

But, I have noticed some contention about the whole “best doughnuts in Portland” thing.

Some people seem to think otherwise.

The other contender being “Blue Star Donuts”.

And I’ve also had Blue Star. And yes, it is good. Really good, even.

Blue Star is a bit more refined and they have less options. They stress “quality over quantity”, using a “classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France”.

Like Voodoo, they also have some Vegan options. A popular vegan option is their “Pistachio Cake with Raspberry Hibiscus”.

You won’t find a doughnut with chocolate frosting, oreo and peanut butter, like at Voodoo, but you will find something just as flavorful and rich, such as their Cointreau Creme Brulee.

For me, my favorite would have to be the Buttermilk Old Fashioned. You can’t go wrong with that.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 at 2.55.05 PM
When it comes down to it, I like both. A lot. And there are times where I crave Voodoo, and others when I crave Blue Star. And I think people on both sides of the debate have good reasons to favor one over the other. That being said, both sides need to be humbled and realize that crepes are the ultimate dessert.

Travel Rule 1: Travel Often


Rule 1. Travel Often

Hallo there everyone! Currently, I am on a coach bus driving eight hours to Nashville. Last weekend, I was in Arizona for a college audition, and the week before I was in Indiana for another college event. I literally haven’t had a weekend at home with my puppy since before Christmas break, and won’t have one until Spring Break! While most people would hate this and wonder why I’m driving myself insane, there are the few who understand the love of travel, or the fact that colleges won’t take a recorded audition…

This brings me to my first travel rule: Travel Often. Maybe not as often as I am right now, but that’s okay. Even if it’s go to a new town outside of your normal area, it’s still considered traveling. Travel is not about where you go, it’s the adventure of it. There are still areas of the Windy City that I’ve never been to (partly because those are scary areas, that’s another story). One rainy day I’ll just hop on the train downtown and explore those areas, or take my car (A 2006 Passat named Fran) and go explore Illinois corn fields. That’s the cool thing about my travel, I’m lucky enough that my family can go on adventures to Australia or Costa Rica, but I still love exploring my town and towns around me. And you should too.

Go forth my wanderlust friends!


Audition map

9 weeks, 11 states…who knew being a music major was tough?



PS. I actually wrote this post almost a year ago. Things got really hectic, and now I live in Kansas….I’ll still travel, and hopefully be able to write and tell you about the rules. I just want to apologize for not keeping up with things. But on the bright side, all of that weekend travel I did last year (every weekend from December to March) has earned me lots of airline miles, which brings up a side rule. SAVE AIRLINE MILES!!! You can use them for quick trips to visit friends or family, or use them to go exploring on a weekend. It also makes life a little cheaper when booking airfare/hotels. I personally like American, because I have the most miles with them (and also flights from Kansas City to Chicago run every hour and are cheap) but Southwest and United tend to have good deals too!

What is this HASH HOUSE you speak of?


My cousins who go to Vegas a lot, were raving about this Hash House. What is this Hash House, you may ask? Let me just tell you IHOP and Denny’s don’t even compare to this amazing HASH HOUSE! Clearly a lot of other people were thinking that, so we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes so I recommend getting there early.



I love their slogan: Twisted Farm Food. Inside the restaurant, they have little touches of being on a farm, its really cute.

Anyway, once we sat down and got the menus, we noticed every single item looked delicious! Our amazing server recommended the Basic which basically gave each of us what we wanted. You can view their menu on their website. My mom was worried that the adult plates were too expensive, but really the portions they give you, fill you up.

My sister ordered a Chocolate Chip pancake and this is what she got for only $3.95:


It was huge! She was barely able to finish it, but she said it was delicious!

Now, onto the adult plates only for $7.95:

I got the Basic which came with eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, choice of biscuit or toast, potatoes, and fruit. The biscuit tasted like heaven, especially with their homemade jam and butter they gave us! It was so yummy, even the cantaloupe was perfect! After I finished eating everything, I don’t think I was hungry till dinner time! (Granted we did have breakfast around 11 in the morning.)

So, since we stayed in Las Vegas for an extra day due to car issues, we were walking around our hotel the next morning and found another Hash House inside the Plaza hotel! Yay!


My grandpa had his food served in a skillet and it smelled so yummy. I believe he got the chorizo with jalapeno breakfast.

The only down side to the restaurant is that there are very few locations. There are 3 in Las Vegas, one in San Diego, a couple in Orlando, Florida, one in Chicago, and one in Connecticut. For my family and I, we will, unfortunately, visit the Hash House on vacations to those locations. If you are in any of these locations, I definitely recommend stopping for either breakfast or lunch!

New Year, New Goal – to Walk!


I love walking and find it a great way to get some exercise outdoors. I recently discovered a list of the 10 ten cities in the United States that are deemed the “most walkable” for 2014. Of the top 10 I’ve only adventured to 3 – but I can definitely see why they made the list. If you enjoy cities,  don’t mind leaving your car in the hotel parking lot, and want to get more WALKING out of your boots, look into visiting these cities:

Chicago Walking

#10 Baltimore, MD

#9 Oakland, CA

#8 Seattle, WA

#7 WASHINGTON DC The last time I was in DC was about 7 years ago, and looking back all I can remember doing was walking and walking! The city is always busy and packed with cars, driving seemed to take forever. We walked to different monuments that are must sees, such as the Jefferson Memorial. Other than that walking around the city was more difficult than other cities. Streets didn’t seem to have a simple pattern to follow, resulting in my family getting lost a couple times.

#6 CHICAGO, IL. Chicago holds a dear spot in my heart because it reminds me a faster pace than Cleveland (where I live). The city is buzzing constantly and has a convenient L-train throughout the city for people to ride throughout the city. The streets are easy to navigate because numbered streets intersect state names – the most famous being Michigan or the “Magnificant Mile”

#5 Miami, FL

#4 Philadelphia, PA

#3 Boston, MA

#2 San Franciso, CA

#1 NEW YORK CITY, NY. Winning the number one spot, I couldn’t imagine any other city to hold that title. I wouldn’t suggest trying to drive in the city. With hundreds of thousands people packing the town, it’s hard to move around. Traffic always seems to be difficult and subways are always crowded. Walking blocks away goes by fast because there’s plenty to see along the way. It’s also pretty easy to navigate your way through town since streets and avenues intersect in a basic pattern.

Check out where your city falls, see here.  Cleveland, OH was ranked #16. Or if you’ve visited any of the top ten above, leave a comment sharing more.

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