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Have you noticed there’s no other place for teenagers to talk about travel?

Here you can read what other teenagers have to say about travel – from day trips to journeys abroad, shopping, eating, coasting, and other activities on vacation. Also, parents can read what teenagers like and dislike about family vacations and destinations so that they can plan a family trip that YOU will enjoy.


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Travel Beyond Summer



Summer is the season when most people travel, but let’s face it: the prices for hotels and transportation are way too high. Making vacation plans after the height of the busy season may be out of the question for some, especially with the start of the school year, but there are some great places for shorter or longer getaways that might just do the trick. In short, travel doesn’t have to be isolated within the three hottest months of the year. September and October are great months to travel, so check out one or more of these vacation destinations, if you can.


There are no federal holidays after Labor Day in September, so weekend or day trips may be the best bet for most people looking for a travel fix. Cape Cod, Massachusetts is jam packed in the summer, but the weather is still fantastic and the crowds are far less overwhelming when after Labor Day. WeNeedaVacation has some good deals on rental properties in Hyannis, Falmouth, Orleans, and Provincetown, which are the most popular spots in the Cape Cod area. Don’t worry; restaurants, shops, beaches, and other attractions will still be open. For those looking for kosher vacation ideas during Rosh Hashanah later in the month, check out Totally Jewish Travel for deals in the Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can also check out their website for vacation ideas during Yom Kippur and Sukkot, which take place in October.


In addition to the Jewish holidays, there are a few notable days that might present some great opportunities to travel in the first full month of the fall season. Hajj is the time for Muslims to go on their pilgrimages, if they are able. The Signature Hotels & Resorts offer packages for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages that devout Muslims are obligated to take at least once in their lifetimes. There is also Columbus Day weekend, which can be a great time to check out Montauk, New York’s annual Clam Chowder Contest, or the oldest Italian-American celebration in San Francisco, California. October is the month to take in the fall colors, or escape from it all to the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, and other island destinations, if time permits.

So don’t despair now that summer is coming to a close! There are some wonderful out-of-season vacation options for intrepid travelers with different budgets and time to spare. You will still be able to make some travel memories and show off afterwards, if you do your research and jump on the right deal.

European Adventure


Going to Paris has been on my bucket list my entire life, and as my love for British celebrities increased, England also rose high on the list of places I wanted to visit. I was lucky enough to visit both of these places when my high school hosted a trip to France and England.  Three of my best friends and I all signed up for the trip and this July we got to experience the trip of a lifetime.

The trip was 10 days long and included London, Canterbury, St Malo, and ended in Paris, and if I had to choose one word to describe all these very different cities it would be pretty, each location was gorgeous. Coming from the New York City area I was expecting London and Paris to resemble New York, but the European cities were just so much prettier, they were built up like New York with the same amount energy, and lights and traffic, but the old buildings and amazing architecture made the cities so much lovelier, and much more instagram worthy! The best example of this was at Piccadilly Circus which is the London equivalent of Time Square, and a must see spot while in London.  It was a busy center of town filled with shops, restaurants and action, but all of the old buildings added a softer touch to the city.


Classic Red Photo Booth Pic!

Classic Red Photo Booth Pic!

London Sights!

London Sights!

If you weren’t already sure, the London Eye is one of the best things in London, the views that can be seen from the top of the wheel are well worth the hype, and doing it in the early evening, as the sun goes down is recommended, as it is the perfect lighting to see the incredible views.

While they may be lesser known, Canterbury in England and St. Malo in France are also gorgeous towns. Although I was in Canterbury on a rainy Sunday morning the small town was still eye catching.  The stone buildings and narrow streets made for the most picturesque shopping and the Canterbury chapel was one of my favorites chapels that I saw on the trip, and I saw a lot of chapels.  After Canterbury we headed to the beautiful St. Malo, which was my favorite city on the trip. St Malo is a fortified city on the French side of the English Channel.  The whole city looked like a castle. It had cobble stone streets and stone buildings. A large wall surrounded the whole town! It was a small town but it had a crêpe shop on every corner and was flooded with cute cafes and stores; it captured everything you would picture about a small French City.  The best part however was the waterfront. The water was some of the bluest water I had ever seen and the way it splashed over the rocky shores was something out of a post card. Jetting off of the water was a high rock, and at low tide could be climbed up. After dinner my friends and I ventured up the rock and the views from the top were worth the hike. Being able to look out at the water and the city from outside the wall was breathtaking.  Be carful of your time however, because once high tide comes water surrounds the rock and separates it from the shore, requiring a boat to get back to the main land!

The adorable St. Malo

The adorable St. Malo

St. Malo beaches!

St. Malo beaches!

Last but not least was Paris! Paris was everything I imagined it to be, with streets filled with designer stores and tons of coffee shops, and of course the Eiffel Tower, which was beautiful, and much larger, than I had imagined, even though I did not get the chance to walk to the top it was still beautiful from the ground.  My favorite thing in Paris was the Seine river cruise, a beautiful boat cruise down the Seine River that passed by many Parisian sights. Seeing the city from the water was so relaxing. We took the 9-10 pm cruise which was perfect, we rode down the river as the sun set so we got to see all the sights in the daylight as well as lit up at night. Watching the lights of the Eiffel Tower flick on at nightfall was spectacular, and it really is worth seeing the tower both during the day and at night.

The Eiffel Tower and I

The Eiffel Tower and I

Now who could forget about the food, since I was with a tour group my main meals were unfortunately nothing too fantastic, but the desserts were to die for.  The two days we spent in St. Malo we sampled several different creperies. We tasted different kinds of crepes, baguettes, beignets, croissants, even the ice cream was amazing! Having Nutella whenever possible is a must while in France, and St. Malo wins the award for best dessert places. But while in Paris make sure to stop at the famous Laduree Macaroon shop, because although a little pricy, the macaroons are top notch, and the adorable packaging makes it all worth it!

The Desserts were to die for!

The Desserts were to die for!

Seeing Europe was such an amazing experience, seeing the different culture, and all the sights and trying the food, really opened my eyes. I had such an amazing time and it makes me want to spend some time studying abroad in Europe when I’m in college. I will definitely make a point to return to Europe in the future!

National Roller Coaster DAY!


Spur the moment Friday night, my grandparents decided to surprise all of their grandkids with a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California the next day, Saturday. As it turns out, we visited Six Flags on NATIONAL ROLLER COASTER DAY!!!





Now, we didn’t know what that actually meant. Soon, however, when we decided to ride Boomerang, we found out we get to ride a second time (if you wanted to)! As big roller coaster fans, we were certainly up to it!





Discovery Kingdom has a lot of thrill rides, such as Medusa (the green one in the picture above), Kong (also shown in the photo behind Medusa), Boomerang, Roar, Vertical Velocity, and their newest edition Superman.

For those that don’t care for roller coasters, Discovery Kingdom has a zoo area where they have animals like giraffes and elephants. They also offer elephant rides! Only $15 for adults and $10 for kids! My cousins and aunt rode the elephant and said it was an experience like no other. Now my little cousins can say that they rode an elephant like Aladdin.





No, I’m just kidding. They didn’t pay 10 dollars to ride this elephant. This was the real thing.




Big difference,  right? Yesterday was a really fun day! Not having to wait in line twice to get on a roller coaster again was the best! I can’t wait to go back again, and maybe this time I will ride the elephant!



My First Post! + Why You Will LOVE Bali


Hi guys! I’m Bianca, a new addition to the Teen Travel Talk team! I’m English, though I was born and bred in Singapore, and I just turned nineteen years old – but exploring the world around me has been a passion of mine pretty much since I was born. I’m lucky enough to be able to say that to date I have been to more than 50 cities, 25 countries and 4 continents – and I can’t wait to share my stories with you!

Growing up in Asia has meant that I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Bali pretty much every summer since I can remember. It’s one of my favourite places on the planet, and so I thought for my first post for TTT, I’d let you guys in on why this little island is your new dream destination!

Karma Kandara beach club on Ungasan Hill

Karma Kandara beach club on Ungasan Hill

1. There’s a sense of culture here that is unlike any other. Known as the Island of the Gods, religion and spirituality are of the utmost importance to all its inhabitants – wander down any path at any time and see incense burning over colorful offerings, or even an intricate ceremony taking place. You can literally feel the tranquility in the air – breathe it in!

2. The weather! It’s around 30 degrees Celsius, always. Avoid the rainy season if you can, but not to worry – there will still be balmy sunshine from sunrise to sunset, and the perfect amount of breeze… Max and relax by the pool or beach and add a little tanning oil to really soak it up.

The Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua

The Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua

3. You will never, EVER be bored. Each of the island’s bustling localities offers a different kind of experience. Head to Nusa Dua for resort-style luxury, Uluwatu for an action-packed surf sesh, or Seminyak for some serious shopping – and if you’re up for a little more adventure, take a boat out to a nearby island like Nusa Lembongan, and enjoy the view (don’t forget the snorkels!)

On the boat en route to Nusa Lembongan

On the boat en route to Nusa Lembongan

4. Bali is one of the most picture-perfect places I have ever been. There’s definitely a ramshackle feel to its beauty – dilapidated houses with straw roofs are right next door to five-star resorts, and children play in the streets by booming beach clubs. But it’s that authenticity in the mix of modern direction and traditional island living that makes Bali so unique.

5. The food and beverage scene on the island just keeps getting better! There is such a range of cuisines – local warungs serve Indonesian food at its finest for under $1, right next to chic new cafés that cook up healthier twists on Western favourites – think spicy eggs with black beans on pulled pork, or tropical smoothies chock full of passionfruit and mango. There’s a little something for everyone, and it’s all bagus!

One of the most popular dishes at my favourite brunch spot - Watercress Cafe in Batu Belig!

One of the most popular dishes at my favourite brunch spot – Watercress Cafe in Batu Belig!

Although my shortlist doesn’t even come close to doing it justice, I hope you’ve gotten a little taste for this tiny corner of pure paradise, and that you will one day get to visit Bali too! Safe travels! Bianca x

Photo credits to Emilie Butler

Monterey, California


When you search for the top places to visit in California (using Google search), a list of points of interest in California pops up. This lists consists of some of the top destinations that are a must-see in California. One of my favorites is Monterey, California.


What does this city have to offer exactly?

You name it, Monterey has it! From a world-famous aquarium, the historical landmark of Cannery Row, the scenic Recreation Trail to Fisherman’s Wharf. There is something for everyone in the family.

The aquarium is absolutely amazing! Your younger siblings will enjoy seeing all of the marine animals and play with the interactive stations. The animals are beautiful and so active! You know how sometimes you go to the zoo and the animals are just laying around–doing nothing–in contrast, the marine animals love the attention!


Whale watching is another big touristic thing to do in Monterey. Depending on the season, there are killer whales, dolphins, humpbacks, blue whales, or gray whales. I love watching the whales give their audience a show as they flip their tail, because they obviously love the attention too!

The history behind Monterey is interesting. Cannery Row was where the sardines and whaling industry took place. It dates back to when the Asian, European, and Native American settlements started. There are many historical plaques in this area of Monterey where it explains the history. My parents were remembering how their grandparents used to eat the sardines from the company back in the day in Mexico.


The parks and beaches here are also worth seeing as well. If you get a chance to visit the city I would recommend renting a surrey bike and touring the Recreation Trail (its an 18 mile trail, we only did about 2 miles of this path).

DSC01588Don’t forget to bring a sweater, it does get kind of chilly! There is a YouTube video that is all about the top attractions in Monterey, it pretty much summarizes what I explained here. There is so much to do in Monterey, I really can’t wait to go whale watching again!


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