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Bizarro Makes Six Flags an Even Greater Adventure

- Callie

BIZARRO is the newest roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Like Superman and Batman, the roller coaster has a storyline. Bizarro is like a backwards version of Superman. He is destructive, speaks with improper grammar, and is “bizarre”.

The roller coaster itself is basically the Medusa coaster painted purple, with some added effects. As someone there said, “It’s Medusa on steroids!” Bizarro is full of loops and corkscrews. After the 132 ft drop, you go through mist, then loop around some spinning weapon-like object, go through a broken building, and near the end, a blast of fire shoots out close enough to feel the heat. This is all at 61 mph!

Alex and I went to Six Flags a month ago for a school trip. Even Alex, who typically doesn’t like roller coasters, really enjoyed it! Bizarro is a great new addition to Six Flags and I highly recommend it.



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