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Broadway: The Place To Be

- Alexis

Broadway is not only known for its outstanding theatrical preformances, but also because it is considered to be the most elite form of the arts. Broadway dates back all the way to 1810 when most of the actors were imported from Europe. Ever since, Broadway has thrived on the millions of tourists who come to watch the famous performances. Broadway is a combonation of comedy, drama, thriller, and so much more. Forever, the spirit of Broadway will hopefully live on!
Being such a close resident to New York City, I have been to many Broadway plays. The few that stood out to me the most are Billy Elliot, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked. All of these plays were phenomenal and I would most definitley go back to see them again in a heartbeat.
Billy Elliot is about a young boy who has a passion for dancing behind his family’s back. If his dad ever found out he was dancing he would be furious with Billy. Being supported by the ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, he keeps on training secretly while the work situation as well as the problems at home get worse. Finally, Mrs. Wilkinson manages to get Billy an audition for the Royal Ballet School, but now he also has to open his heart to his family. In my opinion, the play incorperated wonderful music and a wonderful story into a terrific play.
Phantom of the Opera is about a mysterious masked man who falls in love with a beautiful woman named Christine. She catches herself falling in love with him although she has another man in her life. All the phantom wants is for someone to look beyond his imperfections and see the good in him. In the end, Christine has to choose between the two men. It’s up to you to go see the play and find out what the outcome is!
Wicked is the story of a girl named Elphaba who was born with green skin. All her life she has been misunderstood. Meanwhile, her college roommate Glinda is beautiful, ambitious and loved by all. The Wizard’s secret police are everywhere harassing Oz’s citizens – especially the animals (which have been threatened with exile). Elphaba, green and misunderstood, is determined to protect the animals — even it means fighting against the imposing Wizard, and risking her one chance at romance. In the end, out of guilt and sorrow, she turns into the now infamous “wicked” witch.
Broadway is a great place to go and visit. I recomend seeing these plays because I can promise you they won’t dissapoint!



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