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Destination Shakespeare

- Elise

As teens, many of us have probably read Shakepeare in English class. Whether you enjoyed it or not, experiencing a more personal side of “the Bard” gives you a different perspective on his works.

Shakespeare’s Globe in Southwark, London is a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theater. The Globe is an accurate replica of the 1599 Elizabethan open-air playhouse, which was originally 230 meters away from its present site. Go back in time and tour the theater, with an interesting, funny, and informative guided tour. Better yet, see an unforgettable play! You can be a “groundling” for as little as five pounds (as long as you don’t mind standing). To find out more about Shakespeare’s Globe, click here.

To visit Shakespeare’s house where he was born and raised, venture outside of London to the countryside and visit the quaint town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Also in Stratford, is Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptized and is now buried.
Ifelt pretty strange, standing two feet away from the grave of one of the greatest, most recognizable playwrites of all time. For some reason, I feel as though famous people like Shakespeare never really existed, in real life. Now whenever, I read one of his plays, I think back to his birthplace in Stratford or to his baptisimal spot. Imagining a baby Shakespeare, somehow makes his play that much more amusing.
For more Shakespearian activities in Stratford visit



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