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Salut! On the Road in France…#1

- Justine

Hey everyone! As my laptop’s battery slowly dies, let me give you a quick bit of advice about traveling to Europe– if you want to use your electronics as soon as you get there, better make sure you bring the right converter! There are plenty available in stores if you don’t remember, though.

I’m writing from a cute little pub that is Charlie Chaplin-themed, drinking un chocolat chaud. I’m in the most adorable town– it’s about a twelve minute drive from Geneva (that’s how close it is the to the Swiss border!). This town overlooks a beautiful lake and there are gorgeous foggy mountains behind it. A couple of things about the south of France so far:

1. Brown sugar, Nestle chocolate chips, and any Hershey’s product are nowhere to be found! I brought some from the States and made my cousins chocolate chip cookies, which they got really excited about.
2. The streets are small, as are the cars, and they curve around all of these really cute houses with gorgeous trees hanging over them.
3. The air smells good. That sounds weird, but it’s so true. Every time you inhale, you take in the lake and the trees and the mountains all at once.
4. It’s GREAT for immersion. So far, I’ve been able to comprehend everybody, even if they’re talking rather fast, and I’ve picked up a couple of new French phrases as well.

Today, my cousins and I are leaving for Paris, after which we’ll be going to Brittany and Angers. Once I buy the right converter, I’ll tell you more about everything! By the way, this pub is playing Black Eyed Peas, The Fray, and the Killers. Everybody here really loves American music, and it’s funny to see them sing along to songs I hear on the radio every day back home.

À bientot!




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