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3 Days of Peace and Music

- Callie

Last Mother’s Day, my mom took my family and I to some “botanical garden”, so this past Mother’s Day, I was surprised that she decided to go to the Woodstock Museum (also called The Museum at Bethel Woods) in Bethel, NY. The museum is at the site where the Woodstock music festival was held in August, 1969. This festival capped a decade of war and rights movements with a 3 day music festival of nothing but peace and music.
Going to this museum was strangely one of the best experiences of my life! Walking into the museum is like stepping back in time. It is not just a museum of Woodstock, but the entire 60’s. You walk into a room that is very “groovy” with music playing, colors flashing, and videos from the concert and the time period. I literally walked through each year of the 60’s until I reached 1969, where the exhibit solely focused on Woodstock.
While this was a lot of fun, it was also one of the most educational experienced of my life. I learned about all the stuff that my teachers never had enough time to teach about in school, so until I went to the museum, I just had to piece together information about this turbulent time period. I learned all about the Vietnam War, the protests, the Civil Rights Movement, another Women’s Rights Movement, Richard Nixon, the culture, the hippies, and especially the music of this decade. I watched videos, read a lot, listened to music, went inside the “psycedelic bus” and near the end the musuem, I got to sit in a beanbag chair and experience The Woodstock Festival like I was actually there! Once I was out of the museum, my family and I went to the farmland, a few minutes away from the musuem, where Woodstock was held.

If you are into the culture or music of the 60’s, or are interested in finding out about it, this museum is the perfect place to go. I loved it! In the summer, the museum is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm. I takes about 2 hours to go through the exhibit and it is well worth the time.

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