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Mountain Creek Water Park, NJ; a great way to cool off!

- Elaine

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, Mountain Creek Water Park in New Jersey is the place to go! This great waterpark has over 17 rides and slides that provide fun for both adventure seekers and laid-back types.

Last summer, both Alex and I visited Mountain Creek and went on one of the coolest water rides ever! High Anxiety is a two, three or four person tube ride that sends you down a 4-story vertical drop into a giant funnel-shaped tube. Alex was really scared to go on the ride, but after sliding up and down the sides of the tube, even she proclaimed how great it was!

Another exciting slide, called the Alpine Pipeline, has been added to Mountain Creek this year. This new thriller is a two-person tube ride that sends you from daylight to darkness in mere seconds. To escape the heat this summer, stop by Mountain Creek Water Park and have a great time!

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