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There’s More to Seattle Than Rainy Days…

- Alex

Located in the top left-hand corner of the United States, Seattle is an incredibly cool place to be. With its “chill” coffee shops and bookstores as well as rich culture and museums, Seattle tends to attract the more “artsy” types of people. But if you are not the artsy type, don’t worry because there are plenty of tourist attractions to keep you “sleepless”.

The icon of Seattle (besides Starbucks) is definitely the Space Needle. As they say, “when in Rome, do as Romans do”. Well, when in Seattle…visit the Space Needle. After an elevator ride to the top, there is 360 degrees of city, sea, and sky to look at and photograph. For more information, visit

Another iconic location in Seattle is the Pike Place Market. The market is a tourist and local hotspot where there are restaurants, shops, art vendors, produce vendors, and LOTS of fish stands. During the afternoon and night, the market is an extremely popular place to be so if you want to avoid crowds, go in the early morning. If you’re interested in the market go to for more information.

Now, for you “artsy” folk out there, Pioneer Square is a great place to go if you’re interested in doing a little gallery touring. You’ll see some big names along with new artists who can be equally as talented. Of course, if you get tired from all the galleries there are plenty of the given bookstores and coffee shops. I mean come on…we’re in Seattle.

The music scene is also huge in Seattle. Although there’s no more Kurt Cobain, the music scene is definitely not in the gutter. Music is everywhere: in the coffee shops, bookstores, streets, etc. Another cultural identity of Seattle is its food. Seattle, as well as the rest of the Pacific Northwest, places an emphasis on natural and fresh produce and ingredients (which is why Pike Place Market is such a hotspot) as well as fusing other cultures into their organic-like cuisine.

On the topic of weather…yes, it does rain a lot in Seattle. But the people, culture, and attractions surely make up for the lack of sunshine.



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