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Domicica: "The Nature Isle of the Caribbean"

- Callie

Dominica (pronounced dom-in-eek-a) is a small, independent, English speaking island in the Caribbean. This past holiday season, my family and I went on a “Christmas Cruise” through the Caribbean. The ship stopped at many beautiful and fun islands, one of my favorites being Dominica.

We arrived there in the morning, got off the ship, and boarded a bus which took us to the Layou river to go river tubing. Everyone put on lifejackets, grabbed a tube, and, when the guides instucted, got in the river. The Layou River, the largest river in Dominica, had both calm water and rapids, drops (the most fun part), and beautiful scenery. There were many very strong and helpful guides to get everyone safely down the river. They would get you out if you get stuck (on a rock or in a shallow area) and were always at the drops to make sure you didn’t hit any rocks. It was really an adventure! *Although you’re in a tube, you do get pretty wet. Wear a bathing suit and bring a towel.
That was only half of our tour of Dominica. We got back on the bus and went to Trafalgar Falls, one of the coolest places I’ve been. We had to take a short hike which led us to the view of the waterfall. For the more adventureous folks, you can continue “at your own risk” to get closer to the waterfall. You’ll end up in the water where the waterfall empties into. Right around there are natural hot springs that you can relax in, just like a jacuzzi, or you can go into the colder river. I went in both while my parents stayed in the hot springs. to get the closest view of the waterfall, you can climb some rocks to get as close as you want. I can’t explain how amazing this experience was via blog, so if you’re ever in the Caribbean, this is something you definitely should experience for yourself.



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