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Step Back In Time to the Birthplace of America

- Alex

In light of the fast approaching birthday of America, what better U.S. city to travel to than Philadelphia! For all of you history nerds, like myself, you’ll have a field day. I mean it, if you love history, Philadelphia is definitely the city for you.

The first stop on our tour is Independence Hall. The Hall housed the delegates who adopted both the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. Once you purchase a timed ticket (for more information go to
you are off on a tour to view the interior of the Hall. You can even see the room where the two most important documents in American history were signed. You really feel like you’re stepping back in time. Right across the street from Independence Hall stands the Liberty Bell. Personally, I didn’t get too excited to see an old bell. But as they say, “when in Philadelphia…visit the Liberty Bell”. It’s simply the touristy thing to do.

When I visited Philadelphia about four years ago, the Constitution Center really struck me as an interesting museum. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a museum; I would call it a ‘fun and interactive way to learn the significance of the Constitution’. Some of the permanent exhibits include: the multimedia presentation called Freedom Rising, vote for your favorite president, email current government officials and find out up-to-date news on Constitutional issues, and even take the Presidential Oath-of-Office. Through hands-on activities and exhibits, visitors learn how powerful the Constitution is and the reason for its success to this day. To further educate yourself on the Constitution Center go to

If all if this history sightseeing is making you hungry, head on over to the City Tavern. Back in 18th-century America, the tavern served many of the elite such as Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin. However it still remains as a great place to eat. The Tavern still serves colonial fare as well as provides the colonial atmosphere. I’ve been to Philadelphia three times and every time we travel there we eat at the Tavern. In fact, we liked it so much my mom even bought the cookbook!

So, we the people, well…actually I the people, recommend to all you history enthusiasts out there to take a trip to one of the birthplaces of our country. You won’t be disappointed.




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