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Teen Travel Talk’s First Outing- NYC

- Meghan

This past Thursday several members of Teen Travel Talk spent the day in New York City. We started off our day by wandering around Times Square. After all of the talk about Times Square getting shut down to only pedestrian traffic we got to see if for ourselves. As we turned the street corner into the heart of Times Square the first thing that caught our eye was a cluster of green lawn chairs in the middle of the street. There were a few people sitting in these chairs, enjoying this rare opportunity. We decided to try the chairs out as well.

After checking out the lawn chairs we hurried between the rain drops that were beginning to fall, towards our next destination: The Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square. On the eighth floor of the Marriot the TTT group decided to both have lunch in the lounge as well as enjoy the breathtaking view of the city the restaurant had to offer. Most of us ordered the delicious flatbread pizza for lunch but managed to save room for our next detour!

With only a little time to spare, we hurried to catch a cab to try out Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt shop which only has U.S. locations in New York, California and Texas. After our frozen treat, we headed to our final stop via subway: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- New York Annex. After picking up our tickets at the box office, we were ushered into the first room. (TTT Tip: Visit to preorder your tickets. You will be assigned a specific time to arrive at the Hall of Fame.)

The first room divides up all of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees by the year they were inducted. Each person’s name and band name (if applicable) is on a silver colored brick under each year. If you listen to the music playing in the background you’ll notice that each time a different song is played the musician’s name(s) will light up on the wall. When the time comes for the group to move into the next room the songs change faster and faster and then ends with a burst of sound and the lights go out. When the lights come back on, the group enters the next room.

The next room contains several movie screens and several rows of stools. After we were all settled, the movie screens lit up and for about 20 minutes or so different clips of famous musicians were played. With each clip it felt like we were actually attending these concerts. If you watch closely, at one point they superimposed one of the bands onto an image of us so it looked like we were really the audience on screen! After watching the clips we entered a third room and were handed headphones. There were several screens along a hallway with different groups of musician displayed on them such as Women Influences in Rock and Roll, and Rap and Hip Hop Artists. Each time you approached a screen the headphones synched with that particular video so you could hear the music of each artist. The fourth section was the Rock and Roll Memorabilia. There were outfits, guitars, handwritten song lyrics and so much more from many famous musicians such as Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen (They had his first car on display!)

Last but not least was a special exhibit focused purely on John Lennon’s NYC years. There were four movie screens showing various clips of him throughout his life and several cases containing clothing he wore, pictures he drew and letters he wrote. It was a very moving tribute to such a talented musician. The exhibit will be at the Hall of Fame at least until the end of the year.

The Teen Travel Talk group really enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and highly recommends it to anyone who is going to be in the NYC area. We also recommend The Marriot Marquis Hotel for a great lunch. The view couldn’t get any better. Be sure to check out the podcast on this NYC trip next week!
(All Photos are Compliments of Alex)




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