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The Falls Experience

- Alexis

Located on the border of New York state and Ontario, Canada, there is a very famous waterfall. Niagara Falls.
The history of Niagara Falls dates all the way back to almost 12,00 years ago when the first humans in the Niagara Reigon experienced the birth of the falls. The first inhabitants of the Niagara Region were the Clovis people who were Nomadic hunters. In the early 17th century, when European explorers arrived, Iroquoian villages were under the direction of various chiefs elected from the major clans. Jacques Cartier left France in May 1535 to explore the “New World”. Although he wasn’t fourtunate enough to see the falls in person, the Indians he met in St. Lawrence told him about it.
Back in the day, people who wanted to make a name for themselves tightroped across Niagara Falls from the Canadian side to the American side. If you made it out alive, you were considered a daredevil. But if you weren’t that lucky you were considered…dead.
Tightrope walking wasn’t the only thing people did to become known — they would also go down the falls in a barrel! On October 24 1901, Annie Edison, a 63 year old school teacher, became the first person to barrel down the falls. She made it out alive and inspired many other people to go down the falls. People always think of a way to be different so instead of going down in barrels some went down in kayaks and even jet skis. No matter what method, going over the falls is illegal and the peron can be fined from either side of the border.
Recently, no one has barreled over the falls but there is another fun and safe activity to do at the falls. On both the American and Canadian side, there is a ship called Maid of the Mist. This boat ride brings you as close as you can get to the raging water of the falls. It’s a really cool experience and if you ever have the privilege to visit the falls, I would suggest this.



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