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DTS ’09

- Callie

For those not native to New Jersey or hip texting lingo, “DTS” means down the shore (The Jersey Shore). From the beach to the boardwalk, fun is abound at the shore: The Jersey Shore. My family has a beach house between Point Pleasant and Sea Side boardwalks. Point Pleasant is more for younger kids and is more family friendly. There are small rides, games, a beach, arcades, mini-golf, and eateries. While I prefer Point Pleasant, Sea Side is more popular amongst the teens. The rides are bigger and there are more games, stores, and places to eat. But use your best judgment during the night-scene because it does get sleazy. But HEY, the rides are fun (and overpriced)!

For a less expensive Jersey Shore experience, you can’t beat the beach. The beaches are typically clean, the water’s always nice and there are life guards on duty. And like everywhere, there are some people that aren’t very nice, but there are also many genuine and happy people down the shore.

There are also tons of mini-golfs down the shore. While there are none in my town, there are some in walking distance and more if you take a short car ride.
When I’m at the Jersey Shore, I like to end every perfect day with some ice cream. There are a plethora of ice cream places like Ben & Jerry’s, Mrs. Walkers, the Music Man, and my personal favorite, Kaboodles. They have the best mint chocolate chip icecream with rainbow sprinkles and they will even take your picture and hang it up on the wall.

Life’s a beach. Go to it.



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