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Europe, in a day?

- Elise

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could visit several European countries in one day? Since this would be nearly impossible, the next best thing is Busch Gardens just outside Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s a complete amusement park themed around the culture and history of old-world Europe. The main countries featured are: England, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and France.

At the park, you can visit Banbury Cross, England and see common English telephone booths, English architecture, and a Globe Theater replica all centered around “Big Ben.” Close by is the quaint area of Heatherdowns, Scotland, featuring the Loch Ness Monster, a looping coaster with a 114 foot drop. Next, you can take a visit to Ireland, complete with Irish dancing, magic, and cuisine. At Busch Gardens, you could even see Renaissance-era Italy. Escape from Pompeii and Roman Rapids are two fun water rides that are sure to keep you cool on a hot day. Also in the Italian section is Apollo’s Chariot, a rollercoaster featuring a thrilling 210 foot drop, followed by a 131 foot drop and a 144 foot drop! If you get hungry after all these thrilling rides, a great place to stop for some delicious Italian food is Ristorante della Piazza. While you enjoy your food, you are able to watch “Viva Italia” an entertaining show where performers sing and dance to popular Italian songs. Across the Rhine River, you will find the German area, featuring two more exciting coasters: The Big Bad Wolf and Alpengeist. You can even experience Oktoberfest at Das Festhaus. Last, but not least is the section based upon France. Here, you can find several French boutiques and shows, but the main attraction is Griffon, a 205-foot tall coaster with a 90 degree drop!

I would definitely recommend going to Busch Gardens in Virginia. It offers fun for everyone, even if you’re not into the big coasters. Also, I noticed that the park was very clean, which is a plus. And, of course, the European theme of the park adds to the atmosphere as well as the fun. So if you can’t take a trip around Europe, Busch Gardens is the next best thing!

For more information about Busch Gardens, visit
PS. New this year at Busch Gardens is Christmas Town, starting at the end of November through December. To find out more about this event go here.



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