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The District of Columbia: Washington D.C.

- admin

Washington D.C. is an extraordinary city (and federal district) full of national treasures. I went there twice in February, both times for school, and got a chance to do different things each time.

I spent a lot of time at and around the National Mall. This mall is a national park that stretches 2 miles from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the steps of the Capitol Building. The mall also includes around 14 museums and art galleries that all hold unique treasures… and most of them are free!
It is impossible to visit everything in the mall in one day so be sure to leave a few days of your trip for exploring the area… It is definitely worth it! However, if you do not have the time, I would suggest going to the capitol building, the Lincoln memorial, the Washington monument, the Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History. Those are my favorites and they should take you the whole day. The Museum of Natural History has a butterfly exhibit that I absolutely loved… you walk into this tunnel and butterflies are everywhere… two landed on me! These museums are not boring at all, I know some people don’t think of museums first when they want to have fun, but all of the museums along the National Mall are full of amazing exhibits that you will enjoy while also learning some history about the U.S.A.
Of course, don’t forget to visit the White House. This big, great house is located parallel to the Washington Monument and it’s the coolest part of the city… because it’s where the president lives. One of the times I went, I saw a huge caravan of limos and SUVs pulling out of the house, and I hope President Obama was in one of those limos!

D.C. is such a cool place to visit, with so much to do and see! Besides the National Mall, there is excellent shopping on M street (the streets are named by alphabet letters), the Georgetown University campus is beautiful, the National Cathedral is amazing, and the Spy Museum is lots of fun. D.C. is a great city dense with history and fun, if you are planning to travel there or in nearby Maryland or Virginia, be sure to check it out!



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