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Don’t worry guys, I’m back!

- Hye Sung

Hey guys, it’s Hye Sung. I know it seems like I disappeared for a bit after writing my first two blogs on here, but no worries, I am still here. I was actually away for 10 days in Southern California, visiting friends and attending a sleep away camp.

I have been really busy since I got back, so I haven’t really been able to update, but I promise you, an entry will come soon. I have a lot to say this time, and I won’t be blabbering on and on about food again. Okay, I might, but you can handle it.

While I am here I guess I should just say that Southern Cali is pretty cool. I didn’t get to go down to San Diego, but I was in LA (all over the place) and in the San Bernadino Mountains for camp.

I will show you some pictures from One Heart Camp :)

This was taken right before our massive game of Capture the Flag. Intense.
Morning Massages :)
The last day. This is my friend Sarah. She watches reruns of the X-Files and Seinfeld, loves theatre and likes to lie down in the grass in her backyard and stare at the sky.

(I only know these things cause she mentioned it on her facebook…)

In summary, California is cool. More to come :)




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