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Wild fun in Wildwood, New Jersey

- Ally

This week my local recreation camp went to Wildwood, New Jersey. When our bus first arrived at Morey’s Pier Amusement Park and Boardwalk in Wildwood, I was instantly hypnotized by all the different rides. They looked like so much fun! Although we didn’t have time to go on the water rides, we were still entertained by the never ending amount of other types of rides. The first thing my friends and I did was go on what we call a “warm-up ride”. This ride would prepare our stomachs for the more extreme rides, like the Inverter, that we went on later in the day. In Wildwood, there is the boardwalk, the beach, and the three piers of Morey’s Pier Amusement Park. We only had time to go on the first two piers. However, if you go, which you really should, then you definitely have to go on all three piers. You can find out more from the website:

For the people who may not like loopy rides, don’t worry, there are plenty of other fun activities. The boardwalk has arcade games, a grab game and games that offer stuffed animals as prizes.
Wildwood isn’t all about the rides and games either. There are also many shops that have a lot of awesome souvenirs and treats that, when I went, I wished I had money for. If you go here be sure to try to check out every aspect of Wildwood. Be sure to wear sunblock, too!



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