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Arabian Nights, Orlando Florida

- Elaine

Once upon a time my family and I went to Orlando, Florida, to experience the magic of Disney and all that jazz. I actually didn’t have that great of a time in Disney (I was too old to feel the full effect of the “magic”, I guess), but we did go to this really cool place called the Arabian Nights.

Arabian Nights in Orlando is a really cool place where they have people ride around on horses as they’re acting out a story. It sounds kind of lame, but the lights and effects are cool, and if you get into the story you really feel like you are stepping back into the Ancient Middle East.

The story is about a Prince and Princess who are busy with their wedding festivities when an uninvited guest arrives. The Prince calls upon his Black Stallion to protect his family from harm, and the scenes play out dramatic battles that really grab your attention. The show was especially interesting because they had lighting effects, and at some parts they used horses that were decorated in glow in the dark paint, pertaining to the story.

When you enter the building, you walk into a room where you can stand around and drink soda while watching a funny (yet really lame) magic show. They then lead you into the main room, which has the performance arena in the middle, and bleacher-style seating facing the center. They hand out little menus, and as you’re choosing what to get they bring out salads and some bread. Honestly, I remember thinking that the food was nothing special. They advertise it as one of the best dinner shows ever, but the show was definitely better than the dinner. I remember my mashed potatoes were kind of cold, and my dad grumbled about the food for a while after.

But besides the food, the show was actually really entertaining. It’s cool to see men and women working with the horses and galloping around while acting out the story, and you can tell the horses are used to the show and all the people. At the end of the show, you are allowed to come up to the center area, where you can pet the horses and talk to the horse trainers (actors?) I particularly remember that the man I talked to was really buff, and that his horse was used to the constant petting from all the other kids.

The Arabian Nights dinner show was a memorable experience. Don’t expect much on the food front, but otherwise, prepare for a night of fun.

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