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Medieval Times at Lyndhurst, New Jersey

- Ally

Where can you be transported back in time to an 11th century castle and not even leave the United States? The Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ!

This past week I attended a travel camp and we went to this awesome place called Medieval Times. You know you have arrived at your destination as soon as you see the building. You know this because the building is shaped like a medieval castle! As soon as you step through the entrance door you feel like you traveled back in time. There are people walking around in medieval clothing and the whole entire place is decorated like a real castle! Except, of course, the obvious gift shop and visitors not dressed up like the workers there. Anyways, when you walk in you get a little card that has either one or two colors on it and a table number. The colors indicate the section you are seated in and the knight who represents you in the jousting tournament. If you are patient you will soon be escorted to the section of your color.

After you are seated, the games and feast will begin. Your meal comes in rounds, but there is a trick to it. They don’t give you any utensils! You can only use your hands! I know this may sound disgusting to you, but, believe it or not, this is how the people in the 11th century ate. After you get the first part of your meal the show begins. There are amazing special effects like smoke, music, lights. Even real horses and jousting sticks are used! These special effects really make the show great. I don’t want to give any of the show away so all I’m going to tell is that it is really fun and you have to go to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

After reading the Medieval Times website, I found out there are nine other castles in North America—the United States and Canada. Also, the concept for the idea began in Majorca, Spain! For more information go to:



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