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Folly Beach, South Carolina: "The Edge of America"

- admin

Folly Beach, South Carolina is an unexpected vacation spot with a lot to offer! Folly Beach (a.k.a FB) is truly a hidden treasure. FB is a barrier island right off the coast of South Carolina. The island itself is small (about a mile wide and five miles long,) but that allows for easy access to much of the island. The Atlantic Ocean borders the east side of FB, and the Folly River and marshes the west. Also, there is a lighthouse on one tip of the island and a county park on the other! The local shops and restaurants are located on Center Street, which cuts through middle of the island. FB is tiny, but quite obviously has much to offer! FB is also only about 15 minutes away from Charleston, South Carolina, a city with the charm a small town, but the amenities and culture a large city. FB is a suburb of Charleston and houses many commuters, as well as, surfers to retirees to tourists! Needless to say, FB attracts a diverse mix of people, which has caused the island to gain a reputation as quirky and eclectic.

The beach on the island is a public beach. Folly Beach also has a “famous” pier, which is incredibly long. It is great for fishing, having a picnic at the end, or just taking a walk. Also, interestingly enough, on one side of the pier waves are great for surfing, and on the the other, they are great (and safe) for just splashing around. Obviously, on the beach, popular activities are sunbathing, kite-flying, playing volleyball, building sandcastles, etc. FB’s actual beach attracts all different age groups. There are couples, families, college students from Charleston…

Off the beach, there are still many activities. The picture to the left is of the marsh off Folly Beach. Many people enjoy fishing on the Folly River, which cuts through this marsh. There is also boating, camping, shopping, dining, biking, etc. FB has a very laid back atmosphere and an interesting vibe, so tourists can make of their vacation as they will– FB can be a very calm place to relax and unwind or a very exciting place to experience para sailing, jetskiinng,–anything! Either way FB has all the necessities: a little grocery store, gas station, etc. Tourists can stay in rental homes, condos, or the island’s hotel, making FB a very affordable vacation destination.

Folly Beach has:

Beautiful beaches
Pretty palm trees
Gorgeous sunsets on the marsh
Nice homes and gardensLots of charm 😉 & more!

Folly Beach
Story: Folly Beach (FB)
Reporter: Emily
Favorite place to stay in FB: a rental house
Favorite place to eat in FB: The Lost Dog Cafe… it has the best muffins in the world
Favorite activity in FB: watching the dolphins that often swim the oceanfront park at sunset
Favorite thing about FB: it is not overly commercialized like Myrtle Beach or Hilton HeadFor more info:



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