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The Lake Powell Experience:

- Callie

Three years ago, in late August right before school started, my mother planned yet another family vacation – this time to Arizona/Utah! Instead of the typical ‘stay at a hotel vacation’, we were going to be staying on a house boat in the middle of a huge lake. This wasn’t a typical lake either, it was a labyrinth of water and red rock. Since the red rock looks so “out of this world”, apparently (according to my mom) part of the original Planet of the Apes was filmed around here. Lake Powell is a man-made lake in Glen Canyon that is mostly in Utah, but starts in Arizona. There is over 2,000 miles of coastline and a lot to do.

We took a plane to Phoenix, Arizona, and it was about a four hour drive to the lake. Before we got there, we stopped at a Walmart close by to stock up on food, smores, and DVDs because we would be on that lake for 5 days. Then we went to the marina where my parents filled out the paperwork, got a map of the lake, information on what there is to do, and we got our boat. The houseboats range in size and prices. My dad also got a complimentary shirt that says “CAPTAIN” that has been in his weekly rotation ever since.

Our boat wasn’t too big, but it had everything we needed. There was one official bedroom, where my parents slept, an open room with the kitchen and living space, a small bathroom, an upper deck, and small porches on the front and back of the boat. There are virtual tours of the different boats on the website. My brother slept on the pull out couch and I slept on the table, which turned into a bed. (wow.) There was also a slide going off the top deck into the lake!

We docked our houseboat on a beach with a few other houseboats. We kept our boat there the whole time and got around the lake with a motorboat that we also rented at the marina. We also got a tube to go tubing off the motor boat, which was extremely fun. The other things you can rent at the marina are jet skis, water skiis, and kayaks.

So here was a typical day on the houseboat:

Get up, breakfast, ride around on the motorboat and jump out to swim in random places, tube, go back to the houseboat, hang out on the beach, swim and go off the slide (while playing music on the top deck. Bring CDs! There’s a great CD player on the deck), shower, eat dinner, play football on the beach, have a bonfire and smores, watch a movie (there’s a TV that plays DVDs only), and go to sleep.

One of the days, we went to this place on the lake to fill up on gas, eat, and get ice cream, and another day we took a day trip to this place off the lake called Rainbow Bridge. From a point on the lake, you can take a nice hike to this beautiful natural arch called Rainbow Bridge. It was a nice excursion which my mom particularly enjoyed.

The trip was definitely an experience. A lot of swimming, a lot of relaxing, and a lot of family time. We all had so much fun together. Actually, we all liked it so much that there is talk of us going again sometime soon and maybe even bringing a friend.

Elaine, this is your formal invitation.

For more information on the lake and renting a houseboat –




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