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Las Vegas Shows

- Elise

Las Vegas’ main strip offers countless things to do and see. A popular thing to do in Las Vegas is to see a show. In many of the hotel lobbies, you can find a ticket counter selling tickets to a wide variety of shows at discount prices. The problem is that there are so many to choose from!
My family and I saw two shows while we were in Las Vegas. We saw V- The Ultimate Variety Show in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. This show definitely had something for everyone: acrobatics, comedy skits, magic, music, and so much more. It was mystifying, hilarious, and awe-inspiring all in the same show. What’s fun about “V” is that the entertainers of the different skits choose people from the audience to do things. My brother was chosen for one, which was very funny.

We also saw a great magic show by Nathan Burton at the Flamingo. His magic tricks were amazing. This show left us saying, “How did he DO that???” even to this day. Plus, believe or not, my brother was selected from the audience again to be an assistant.

There are so many more shows in Las Vegas to choose from such as The Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere (at Treasure Island), KA (at MGM Grand), and The Beatles LOVE (at The Mirage).




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