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Központi Vásárcsarnok: The GREAT Market Hall!

- admin

One of the best ways to immerse oneself in the culture of another country is to visit a market—outdoor or indoor.  Markets can be very colorful, bright, and vibrant—everything is visually interesting.  There are often flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, and local food specialties.  A market can be a great place to sample the representative cuisine, an enjoyable activity for teens and families! J  It can also be a wonderful place to find local crafts, not to mention the locals!  The people-watching is always entertaining for all.

More specifically, one of my favorite European markets is the Great Market Hall in Budapest, Hungary.  The Great Market Hall is on the Pest side of Budapest, relatively close to other shopping streets.  However, the Great Market Hall itself can be a great place to spend at least a few hours.  The market is three stories with the majority of things to see on the ground level.  The market is utterly awe-inspiring due to 

its enormous size and breathtaking architecture.  The entire roof is covered in colorful tiles, there is swirling, whimsical iron work, the inside is wide-open and airy…  Even a person who typically is not thrilled by architecture will love the Great Market Hall.  Inside, there are all sorts of the typical foods, as well as Hungarian spices and souvenirs.  I definitely recommend this market because it is popular among locals and tourist alike.  It has everything to offer— something for everyone.

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