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More Flags More Fun!

- Alexis

A few years back my family and I took a two day trip to Jackson, NJ where Six Flags is located. We stayed at a bed and breakfast close to where the park was. The first day we went to the amusement park and went on many rides. Since I’m not the “daredevil type” I didn’t got on extremely scary rides like King Da Ka. My mom and I stuck to the roller coasters in the dark that had no flips.
The second day we were there my dad had arranged for us to go on the safari adventure. Some of the animals there had to be in cages because the monkeys had attacked some people’s cars in the past. Otherwise all the other animals were free to roam around and come right up to your car. As we drove by the giraffes, they came right up to our sun roof and almost stuck their heads in our car. It was really cool experience and Six Flags is great for all ages. Remember more flags more fun!



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