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Southampton 09′

- Alexis

Recently, I have taken my first trip to Southampton, NY. Southampton is part of the well known “Hamptons” which is home of the rich and famous.

When we arrived there, we settled in the house my cousin was staying at. He showed us a beach that we could go to for a while. On the way to the beach we passed by huge mansions, one which was Calvin Klein’s house. The waves were pretty rough so I just put my feet in. My younger cousin and I then played some lacrosse on the beach which was really fun until I fell and got all sandy.

Calvin Klein’s house

The next day we stopped to visit my cousin’s uncle’s house which is located near a giant sand dune. We decided to walk up the sand dune which was really exhausting but fun. It took us about five minutes to climb the whole thing but when we got to the top we actually realized how steep it was. I didn’t complain during the climb but when we got to the top and my thighs were burning. Once your at the top, the view is amazing….but then you have to run back down! To keep from falling down the dune, you have to stick your heels in the sand. But of course I wore my new white Nikes and they got all sandy!

It was definitely fun checking out the homes and beaches of the rich and famous!

View from the dune

The sand dune




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