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The Pittsburgh Project- Fun and Rewarding

- Meghan

I just got back from a church trip to The Pittsburgh Project (TPP). I will still be blogging about my trip to Belgium but I figured it would be best to talk about Pittsburgh while it’s still fresh in my mind!

The Pittsburgh Project is similar to Habitat for Humanity but instead of building houses, they repair homes that already exist. My church had about 40 kids wanting to go on this trip so we packed up the church van (and several others) and headed down to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first night we stayed at a hotel just outside of Pittsburgh so we would be able to get to the Project in good time the next day. This was my first year going on this trip but other people in the group were there for the 5th or 6th time. I thought it would be good experience to learn how to do repairs around the house but also be a great opportunity to make new friends. There were groups from Niagara Falls, Corry, PA, Virginia and a few others. My work group consisted of myself and my friend Carly, two girls from Niagara Falls and two boys from Corry. We had a great leader for our project who was from my church who knew a lot about construction so we were lucky. My group’s project was to break up some slate and concrete, pour new concrete, and re-shingle a porch roof. At the beginning of the week I was wondering how we would get everything done in time but we all worked very well together and were able to get a ton finished by Friday.

Everyday everyone woke up around 7 a.m. and went down to breakfast. We would set out for the worksites around 9 and work until around 5. After showers we had dinner and then went to Club. At Club there was a live band and we sang a few songs. After Club we would go to our discussion groups where we would reflect on the day and talk about the work we were doing and the experiences we were having. Lights out was at 11 and I think everyone was happy to get to sleep after such busy days.

Words can’t really describe the experience I had last week, and I think I speak for most of the group that went. It was really meaningful and awesome that we were able to help people with projects that they were unable to do themselves. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves helping others. TPP is not just limited to church group either, families can go as well. Check out their website for more information:




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