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Day 2 – Cramped In The Backseat; Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

- admin

Today, we woke up at a hotel in the middle of nowhere and ate at some local Pennsylvania chain called “Eat ‘n Park,” somewhat comparable to IHOP. Not the best place I’ve eaten breakfast. We drove for hours until we reached Cleveland, Ohio, where we visited the famous Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Outside was a skate park where it looked like kids spent a lot of time because they were all really good and really bored.

Immediately when you walk into the Hall of Fame you are faced with 5 or 6 massive Fender Stratocasters painted to represent a band or artist. The one that drew the most attention was the one with Michael Jackson’s faces over time drawn on the body and his hit songs engraved in the neck. The guitar was covered with hundreds of messages to Michael written by children which were all somewhat humorous but very endearing. One read, “Dear Michael, your music changed the world. Your a thriller and a killer. Keep rockin!” (All improper grammar was intentional.)

On the main floor there were exhibits of classic bands from every era, from the Beatles, to Bowie, to Nirvana, to Biggie. What was really cool was seeing all of the instruments from the 50’s and 60’s that the bands played. The funniest part of our visit was when we realized that the special exhibit was about Bruce Springsteen. We drove 600 miles to feel right back at home!

250 miles left to the Promised Land, and a rockin’ good time.




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