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Atlantis Resort, Bahamas: Pt. I

- Elaine

We’ve all heard of the city of Atlantis, right? The city that mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again? Well believe it or not, it’s all a LIE! ATLANTIS EXISTS! (Kind of!)
Located in the Bahamas, Atlantis Resort is an AMAZING place to travel to with your family. Seriously, I’ve never been there but the pictures and stories make the place seem like a dream world suitable for toddlers, teens and parents alike.
The Atlantis Resort has the Power Tower and the Mayan Temple, which each have about four water rides. In the Power Tower, the Surge is an inner tube ride that sends you down into a cavern and ends in a flash flood. In the Falls, tube riders are dropped down 58 feet and then pulled back up through a conveyor system and winding tunnels. The Abyss is a body slide with a 50-ft almost vertical drop that leads you through waterfalls and darkness.

The really cool thing about most of the tube slides at the Atlantis Resort is that you’ll never have to leave your tube to climb 30 million steps up to the top of the slide! They have a conveyor and master blaster system that sends you and your tube up to the starting point of the ride, so you never have to move a muscle.
The Mayan Temple is for extreme daredevils and kids alike. The Mayan Temple’s most famous ride, the Leap of Faith, is appropriately named. It is a 60 ft. almost veritcal body slide that propels riders at very high speeds through a clear acrylic tunnel inside of a shark-filled lagoon. For those you who wish to see the sharks but without the extremity of the 60-ft slide, you can do so on the Serpent Slide. This slide is a tube ride that sends you traveling at high speeds through the Temple’s winding core and ends in a leisurely pass through the clear tunnel, where you can view the sharks swimming overhead. And for the younger kids, there are the Challenger slides where you can challenge your friend to a race, and the Jungle slid which takes you through exotic jungles and caves into the heart of the Mayan Temple.

Since there is so much to do at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, I’ll write another installment on the dolphin cove, the dining and accommodations, and more next week.

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