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Yachting In Southampton, NY

- Alexis

When my family and I went to Southampton, NY, my cousin’s boss, Joe, let us stay on his yacht. Since my cousin is the captain, he let us take a tour of it a couple days before we actually rode on it.

What makes the yacht stand out among others is that it’s silver and almost looks likes a speed boat because it is very narrow in the front. In the back of the boat there is a place where you can lie down that also transforms into a table. There is also a small seat but if you lift it up there is stairs and that leads to a bedroom! Then when you get inside there are two white couches parallel to each other where you can sit and relax. But on one side there is a table and a secret compartment which is a hidden cooler. In another secret compartment, there are several stairs which lead to another bedroom with a TV and bathroom.

Then you make your way downstairs where the kitchen is located. It has a table, a refrigerator, and several cabinets for storage. Then that leads to another bedroom with two beds and another TV. The cool thing about this room is that it has a window on the ceiling and it opens up. When you walk across the kitchen again it leads to the master bedroom which is bigger than the rest.

When we first found out Joe was going to let us take a ride on the boat we were so excited. He told us that we were going to Greenpoint — also in Long Island — to have dinner. The ride there was so much fun. The food at the restaurant was delicious and we all had a great time. But the best part was the ride back. Since we left the restaurant at around 8, it was almost dark out. The boat has blue lights that can light up the water which was really cool. Since it was getting a little chilly out back, we decided to go inside and blast the music. Everyone was dancing including some of Joe’s friends, his two nieces, and his nephew. Since my cousin was driving the boat he couldn’t dance so he would stand on the chair and drive the boat with his foot!

The night was beyond my expectations and I had so much fun! You could tell Joe gets a lot of enjoyment by watching people have fun on his yacht. Everyone was so friendly and you could tell they had a good time too. After saying goodbye, my family and I got in our car and on the way home all we talked about was how much fun we had.




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