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Go Parasailing!

- Elise

A couple of years ago, my family and I went on a vacation to Jamaica. This island has so much to offer and was loaded with fun.

Everyday when we were on the beach, we heard this man yelling, “Parasailing! Jet ski!” (to promote his business). My typed rendition really doesn’t do it justice. He would say it in this loud, thick Jamaican accent. My family thought that this guy was pretty funny and we would repeat him whenever he said it.

One day, we decided that we would take this nice man up on his offer. He was overjoyed. We went out to the parasailing boat and hopped on. My two brothers went first. After they got all strapped in, the boat sped up, and gradually they got higher and higher into the air. Soon, they were just a speck in the sky. I got afraid, of course, but when my brothers came back down, they assured me that it was a lot of fun and they felt very safe.

Next, my dad and I fastened our straps on the seat that connected us to a big colorful parachute. As the boat sped up, we were lifted up into the air. It was like a human kite. This was such a strange, exhilarating feeling; I felt like I was flying! The boat and the people on the beach got smaller and smaller, but I wasn’t afraid. I felt very secure. The views from the sky were beautiful.

As we were lowered down, I was disappointed that it had to end. My dad and brothers bought the parasailing shirts they were selling. The t-shirts had “Shut Up and Fly” written on the back which I thought was funny.

Parasailing was a great experience. You can find parasailing offered at many different beach spots. Visit this website to find parasailing in your area, or at your next vacation destination.




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