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Exploring Cape Cod: More of the Outer Cape (Part 2)

- Alex

I just returned from Cape Cod Massachusetts on Saturday and already my friends are sick of me constantly talking about it. So, here I am to provide more information as talk about my favorite place as much as I can.

The other beaches that I’ve been to in the Outer Cape include: Coast Guard, Marconi, and Nauset Light. These beaches are all in the towns of Wellfleet and Eastham. Coast Guard beach is not a favorite in my family. It was named one of the best beaches in America a couple of years back but I really don’t see the appeal. The dunes are attractive but not as majestic as the ones at Nauset Light. Also, going to Coast Guard is a big hassle because you have to take a shuttle to get to the beach. So if you are one of those families who bring mountains of “beach junk” as I call it…Coast Guard is not the place for you. On top of that, there tend to be greenhead flies almost everywhere so it’s a tad bit gross. Maybe that has gotten better since I’ve been there but this is just my honest review and opinion.

Traveling up the coast is another one of my favorite beaches: Nauset Light. I only have two complaints with Nauset Light: 1) the parking lot fills up really early so try not to get there later than 9:00-9:30 and 2) the stairs down the dunes can be a bit scary to walk down if you’re carrying a bunch of beach stuff with you. However, the sand dunes are gorgeous and resemble cliffs, so it is definitely worth the walk. At high tide, the waves at Nauset can be “pretty sweet” and at low tide, the waves are perfect for boogie boarding and body surfing. Although the water is great, at times it can be some of the coldest on the Cape. One of the days we went there is was a mere 58 degrees! But it all really depends on the currents because another day we went there and it felt ten degrees warmer. Right down the road from Nauset is Marconi beach. Marconi is very similar to Nauset: steep dunes, tough walk down the stairs, and huge waves. We didn’t get there this year but I remember it being a lot of fun from last year.

Now what do you do if you’re done with all this beaching for the day and you’re hungry? Right by Marconi beach there is a pizza place we went to called D’Italia’s. I’m used to amazing New Jersey/ New York pizza but this was pretty decent. You can also try out Arnold’s seafood which is closer to Nauset Light and Coast Guard. However, you have to get there extremely early because sometimes we’ve seen the lines out the door at dinner rush time. There are also other good-looking restaurants along Route 6 (which is the highway that goes all the way up the Cape) that we haven’t tried yet but definitely look worth trying…because you know me, I love food. My next installment of this Cape Cod series will feature the Lower Cape, so stay tuned!




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