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Preparing to Take off for Valencia, Spain

- Ally

Just yesterday my family and I were planning a trip. We wanted to leave today, but there was one problem. We didn’t know where we were going yet! The only thing that we knew was that we were going out of the country. At first we were planning on going to Costa Rica then Nicaragua, but it was rainy season there and we were worried that we wouldn’t make it on the country roads. The next trip we started to plan was going to Argentina. I don’t know what was wrong with that one, but we decided not to go there. You know the saying third time’s the charm? It worked! Finally we knew where we were going. We are going to Valencia, Spain on the Mediterranean coast. I am very excited to go here because of the wonderful beaches that are there.

Some of you may be wondering why we waited until the last minute to plan our trip. That is because our dad is a pilot and we don’t have to buy a ticket. We get put on the stand-by list. It is great to have a dad that is a pilot because we can plan a spontaneous trip. I am very lucky to have a dad like that. I’ll blog again when I get back next week.




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