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Lollapalooza Review Pt. 1

- admin

Bon Iver: My friends have all ranted and raved about this man so I had to see what the buzz was about. Prior to the show I had only heard a few selected songs, but seeing as he only has one record his repertoire isn’t particularly big. However, when Justin Vernon walked out on stage with the rest of his thoroughly bearded backing band I was ready for a show. They played practically his entire album but in no order, with one song I can’t recall the name of being performed by Vernon alone with an open tuned steel guitar. Definitely a show worth seeing.

Crystal Castles: I showed up in the middle of the set but was truly astonished by their set. I was reluctant to go too far up due to the mud and my awful choice of Vans for footwear, but I got a pretty good idea. The set up is very simple, Ethan hunches over his little DJ table running all sorts of effects and beats while Alice, who up close looks like some sort of indie plastic Barbie toy, stomps around the stage in all black in sweltering heat, and a drummer aids the sound with a live beat. Luckily, I saw one of their seldom sober live shows, which still ended up being completely ridiculous. Alice jumped in the audience and handed someone a bottle of alcohol and then pointed him out to the security, brought someone on stage knowing they would be pulled off and broke two microphones which she tried to make up for by screaming without one. Very danceable however, very fun.

More to come later today!




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