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More Ice Cream from Hye Sung

- Hye Sung

One of my fondest memories from my trip to California last month was sinking my teeth into Diddy Riese’s famous cookies in my friend’s car. We waited in a line that stretched into the parking lot, but the line traveled quickly and we were given our Diddy Riese cookies within 15 minutes.

Diddy Riese is in Westwood, California, and serves hotdogs, Hawaiian shaved ice (similar to Korean shaved ice, mentioned in another post in this blog), brownies, and coffee. What brings the lines, though, is the ice cream sandwiches.

On display, they have 12 types of cookies, with almonds, white chocolate, oatmeal, etc., and 12 flavors of Dreyer’s Ice Cream (which is Edy’s on the East Coast), and from there you pick two cookies (which can be two different types) and a flavor of ice cream, and voilà, you got this heavenly ice cream sandwich for only $1.50. Yes, only $1.50! Which only further proves that it is truly something divine.

I didn’t understand the extent of Diddy Reise’s fame until I came back home and talked to people about it who have apparently heard of it or made it vital to their own trip to LA to go to Diddy Reise. Also, after a week of being home from California, I turned on the Independent Film Channel and saw a short news bit on Diddy Reise. Funny how things work out.

So treat yourself to something unearthly next time you’re in LA. And please, don’t be scared of the line, it’s worth it.




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