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The Many Modes of Transportation in Valencia

- admin

Hello again from Valencia! This is Ginny and Ally blogging together at the moment. We have had a great time so far, but unfortunately we go home tomorrow. We did not rent a car on our trip so in order to travel around we used several different kinds of public transportation. We’ll outline them for you quickly. The buses, trams, and subway systems are very similar in many Spanish cities as well as many other cities around Europe, so this information does not only apply to Valencia.

The buses were very useful in order to travel around the city and to and from it as well. The red “EMT” (which stands for Empresa Municipal de Transportes) buses are for urban travel while the yellow buses travel to places outside Valencia. We used the red buses many times in order to get to the old section of the city where a lot of sight seeing was. We used to the yellow buses to travel to the beaches outside of the city like El Saler. The bus fare is quite affordable- 1.20 Euros per person. The great part about the buses are that they run until about 1 a.m. which is far later than when the trams and subways run. So, if you are planning on staying out late definitely consider using the bus to get back to where you are staying. The only down side is that finding the right bus can be quite confusing, but the locals usually have it down and can be very helpful.

The tram system of Valencia was great as well. The trams travel all around the city and the best part about them is that they are free. The tram system is not as confusing as the buses it kind of works like the metro except above ground. That’s another positive thing about the trams- they are above ground. This is great for sight seeing which you would not be able to do on the metro. However, when you use the tram at busy times of the day it can move very slow due to traffic. During these hours, definitely use the metro.

Finally, the metro system of Valencia is very similar to other cities. Unlike New York’s subways however, the subway cars of Spain are very smooth and quiet. They do not rattle as much and it’s really great. The fare for one ride is 1.40 Euros, but you can buy a ticket for ten rides for 7.40 Euros and save some money if you plan to use it a lot.

The buses, metro, and trams make the majority of Valencia and the surrounding area accessible to anyone.

We are flying home tomorrow and will post again soon!




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