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City with beaches on Mediterranean: Valencia, Spain

- Ally

Where can you sightsee in the city during the day and go swimming at the beach to cool down in the evening? Valencia, Spain! This past week I went to Valencia with my Mom and sister. Since Valencia is located along the Mediterranean Sea, we could stay in our hotel in the city center but easily get to the beach every day. We would go to the beach either in the morning or evening when the temperatures are nice. We went to three different beaches while we were in Valencia, but there are still so many more to see.

The first beach that we went to was in the city and it was called, Malvarrosa. Apart from the cigarettes in the sand every once and a while it is a wonderful beach! It has really fine sand and wooden boats to use for shade instead of renting umbrellas. If you are hungry you can just walk up the beach to a huge line of restaurants. Then maybe after you eat you can walk a little further to the shopping area and buy some really cool stuff! I bought a colorful pencil case for school and my sister bought a cool purse that turns into a backpack.

The next beach we went to was El Saler in a natural preserve and it was SO beautiful! There isn’t much I can say about it except it was by far the best beach we went to. It was really clean and had a sand dune to protect it . It’s fun to swim in the Mediterranean because it’s warm and you float so easily.

The last beach we went to was called, El Cullera. This beach is about an hour bus ride south of Valencia. It is a large beach town with many high rises but cleaner than Malvarossa in Valencia. It also has a huge castle. When you swim, you can see the sandy bottom even when the water is around 9 feet deep. That’s how clear it was. If you travel by car from Valencia to El Cullera be sure to stop at the town of La Palmera. It is the town that founded paella. It is the best and most authentic paella you will ever have!
All of these beaches are amazing, but I suggest El Saler the most for anyone who goes to Valencia.



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