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Up the Delta Without a Paddle:L’Albufera, Valencia, Spain

- Ally

While in Valencia we decided to see the Mediterranean Sea. What better way to see it than going to a beach in a beautiful natural preserve? The nature preserve is called L’Albufera. There are many beaches to choose from but the beach we decided to go to was El Saler. We also went for a boat ride in a lagoon in the preserve.

Since we didn’t rent a car, we had to take a yellow bus out of the city to the beach. It was only a thirty minute bus ride! That’s how small the city is. We traveled from one side of the city to the other and beyond in only thirty minutes! The beach had a sand dune and was beautiful. It had showers and umbrellas to rent.

Also, just five minutes south of El Saler is a lagoon on which you can take a small wooden boat ride (4 euros each) to see more of the natural preserve. The Spanish sun will burn you up in a second if you have no sun block while on this boat. If you don’t have sun block then I suggest you bring a towel to put on yourself to block your skin from the sun. You don’t have to worry about bringing a hat because they got you covered. The driver of the boat gives each person a straw hat before you leave. When you go on this boat ride be prepared to see pollution first hand. When you are heading out on the lagoon and you look behind you to where Valencia is the air is gray. It is very noticeable and very horrible! Besides that the nature preserve has some amazing animals and is still beautiful!




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