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Exploring Cape Cod: My Personal Favorites and Tips (Part 5)

- Alex

There are countless reason why Cape Cod is always my favorite vacation. Hopefully you’ve grasped some of them in my last four blogs but here they are again along with some helpful Cape Cod tips.


Get to the beach early! -The beaches in Eastham (Nauset Light, etc.) as well as Herring Cove tend to fill up very quickly so try to be there no later than 10:00 (at the absolute latest). You’re probably thinking “Now why would I want to wake up that early to go to the beach?” Trust me, it’s worth it. What my family and I usually do is go to the beach early, stay until middle to late afternoon, go back home and freshen up and then either cook or go out to dinner as well as hang out later at night.

Rent a house -I’ve never stayed in a hotel on Cape Cod but I imagine that I’d get a different experience than I do with staying in a home. If you rent a house, the Cape can really start to feel like a second home. You also have a kitchen, bedrooms, and other things to make you more comfortable on vacation.

Stay for two weeks—it’s better than one! -We used to stay only one week until last year. We found that it was hard to fit in all of our favorite things as well as try new ones. We also didn’t totally get into the relaxed atmosphere of the Cape because we were too busy rushing around and doing things. Finally, last year we stayed for two weeks (because I helped save up to rent the house) and it was great! From now on, we’re going to stay for two weeks.

Go with other family or friends. -Nobody wants to go on a beach vacation with just their parents and siblings. We’ve been meeting my cousins at Cape Cod every year. It’s a lot more fun with other people there and we really have a great time. I’ve never brought a friend, but I would imagine that would be just as fun.


Beaches: Herring Cove, Race Point, Nauset Light, Skaket
Restaurant: Orleans Inn
Town: For walking around—Provincetown, for staying in: Orleans
Lighthouse: Cape Cod Light
Place for sunset: Tie: Cold Storage Beach, Skaket Beach
Ice cream place: Blondie’s in Dennis
Location on the Cape: EVERYWHERE!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about Cape Cod as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it. Now to start counting down the days until next year’s vacation!



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