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Wildwood Storms

- Alexis

This summer, I have been on many vacations including Wildwood, NJ. My mom, aunt, uncle, my cousin, and I all met at the Port Royal hotel. We then got ready to go to Wildwood’s well-known boardwalk. My little cousin really wanted to go on the ferris wheel, which is the tallest ferris wheel on the East Coast.
I had been waiting in line for a while to go on the huge ferris wheel with my cousin and uncle when they made an announcement that they were going to close it due to weather conditions. The sky started to get really dark so we figured it was time to leave. Just as we were leaving, it started to rain really hard. Everyone started running and finding the nearest shelter — we all huddled underneath a game stand to stay dry. The rain wouldn’t let up and we had to stand under there for forty five minutes. It started to thunder and lighting a lot too which made the little kids cry. The girl working at the stand was really nice and give one of the crying children a stuffed animal. Finally the rain stopped and we got to leave.
While it wasn’t the night we planned, it was definitely one that we are going to remember! I hope to get back to Wildwood, NJ next summer again to check out the huge ferris wheel, roller coasters and all the other many rides and games on the boardwalk there.



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