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South Carolina: Pt. I

- Elaine

Oh, the deep south… what a marvelous place to be! In the summer of 2007 I flew down to visit a wonderful girl named Emily, who also happens to write for TTT! Emily and I had a grand old time in South Carolina, and let me tell you: the South sure is different than the North, where I’m from.

The first thing I noticed: the airport was adorable. Columbia, South Carolina has a really tiny airport with clean white hallways, only a few baggage claim areas, and practically no noise. I even saw a rocking chair… that’s right, a ROCKING CHAIR in the middle of the lobby-ish area where you could wait for someone to get off the plane. This airport definitely beats Newark Liberty International Airport. (sorry Newark)

Next thing I noticed: it was HOT. Emily actually told me I came in the middle of a really bad heat wave, and it was very close to or over 100 degrees every day. But the bad thing is it’s not just hot, it’s humid. So a word to the wise: bring the lightest, breeziest clothes you can find, as well as sunscreen and maybe even a hat.

After the airport, Emily, her mom and I all went to a “home cooking” restaurant. Honestly, I was so excited! I expected that the Paula Deen-style heart attack food roamed freely around the South and that the whole entire South had amazingly delicious food. The meal we had certainly was unhealthy, but not exactly what I expected. Don’t get me wrong; the food was good, but not AMAZING. Maybe we just didn’t go to the right place? (Those of you readers from the South, by all means, please make restaurant suggestions.)

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant and got seated. The menu had something called a “meat and three”(Emily feel free to correct me) where you choose a meat and three side dishes. I got fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and okra (as per Emily’s mom’s suggestion.) Apparently okra is very common in the South, but I didn’t like it. It has a crispy outer layer because it’s fried, but a slimy inside. It’s similar to celery, but slimy-er. Besides the okra, the restaurant was definitely an experience… the food was greasy, the people were friendly, and our waitress had a really thick accent :)

I would continue, but I don’t want this to get too long and boring, so I’ll save the rest of my Southern adventure for next time… You can continue reading here.




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