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5 Best Things About L.A.

- Hye Sung

Boy, do I love California. I went during the summer for camp and fell in love with the laid back culture full of acceptance and eccentric behavior. I was particularily in the L.A. area and got to see a good amount. I discussed with other teens what the best things in L.A. probably are. Here are our top 5.

5) So there is Disneyland in Anaheim which is awesome if you are into Disney or into theme parks at all. For me, I am not into Disney at all, not even as a child. They bored me and made me feel lame. Still do, in fact. And my dislike of Disney makes me a reject in society. When people start breaking out into some music from Mulan or the Little Mermaid, all I can do is frown with much shame. And I hate amusement parks or theme parks. I’m a party pooper. But if you’re like most of society, you probably are fond of Disney, and though Disneyland does not compare to Disneyworld, you will have a lot of fun. A bunch of my friends from California were over 20 and were having wild times at Disneyland. You can hang out with Goofy or go to Tarzan’s Tree House, it’s a world of opportunity!
I know a lot of my friends had season passes (Disney freaks…), so if you have friends or family in L.A., ask if they have any season passes or know anybody with season passes. Anything to cut the price a little bit, right?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood is a major tourist attraction and very crowded, but puts many in awe. To think that George Clooney touched the ground beneath you, oh Heavens! Theatre kids love that sort of stuff, believe me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. While you are in the neighborhood, you can watch the silly impersonators—and there’s plenty—do their acts up and down Hollywood.
You might mistake a Michael Jackson impersonator as the resurrected Legacy, but no, no, let me reassure you… he’s just acting, he’s not the real thing.

3) If I loved beaches, I’d love southern California and all L.A. has to offer, with Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Topanga State Beach, Hermosa Beach, etc. The suns beaming all year round with rare rainfall and dry weather and plenty of surfers crowd these beaches. The water isn’t green, for those who have come to know Jersey Shore well… and it’s beautiful. But I don’t like salt water or sand in the car. But if I did like them, heck, L.A. would paradise.

2) And we all know about Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches—or you should at least from the whole blog I wrote about it. If you’re too lazy, I’ll try to push out in my imperfect human tongue to explain such a rich, delicious creation. Ice cream sandwiches—made with your choice of an ice cream flavor and your choice of two cookies of any kind you want. And voila, for the cheap price of $1.50, you’ve been blessed.

1) You got to hit up In’n’Out and get their burgers. It is a chain throughout the west and has sadly not even reached close to us East Coasters. By now we all know I love blogging about food, especially the fat and greasy, but my word, this stuff is Heaven-sent, crafted by something celestial. Seriously, the “animal style” burger has all the standard burger stuff—lettuce, tomato, etc.—with “spread” (like thousand island dressing), pickles, grilled onions, mustard fried into the patty and cheese. Now, if it doesn’t sound appetizing, shhh… just get it while you’re out West. A simple “thank you” will do, afterwards.



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