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A Perfect End to the Summer

- Justine

Ah, beach vacations. No matter how you spend them, they are, by definition, filled with leisure and recreation. Only during the fleeting summer season can we students get away to the nearest (or farthest) beach town with friends and family and let our minds and bodies just float.

I have been all over the place this summer, and I can think of no better way to unwind than by spending a week at the beach. My family spent the last week of August in Nags Head, NC, in a beachfront house that we rented with our good friends. Nags Head is located on the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina called the Outer Banks. The weather down there is perfect, the waves are warm and delightful, and there are countless fun places to go.

The majority of our time there was spent diving into waves, sitting on the beach with a good book, or walking down to pier. That’s what I love about the beach– doing practically nothing is so fulfilling. Other days we worked on a 1500-piece puzzle, watched movies, played poker, made ice cream sundaes, and played Monopoly while eating savory fudge. We could have stayed in the house all week and still had a blast. But in when in Nags Head, there are a few places you MUST visit.

1. Dune Burger. Absolutely the best place to have lunch. Order a burger, milkshake, and some fries, sit back, and listen to the glorious symphony going on in your mouth as you feast.

2. Cahoon’s Market. Right across the street from Dune Burger. It’s the place to pick up basic food needs (“basic food needs” for us consisted of donuts for breakfast) without making a trip to Food Lion, the supermarket. Also nice for touristy trinkets and beach books.

3. Wings! They’ve got shirts, boogie boards, sand tools, hermit crabs, towels, bathing suits, water guns, stuffed animals, beach chairs, water toys, necklaces, and so on and so forth at low prices. I could spend an hour at Wings. And there are several of their stores in Nags Head alone.

4. Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf. The best mini-golf course in Nags Head. A good evening activity, especially when followed by some ice cream at the Dairy Queen right next to it.

5. Elite Nails. Or any nail salon, for that matter. Get a manicure and a pedicure, then go out for lunch. Pamper yourself– it’s vacation!

6. Manteo. A town just south of Nags Head, and the best town for shopping. My favorite store there is the bookstore (again, I could spend an hour in there), but they also have some art stores, a fabulous antique store, several beach boutiques, a pet store, and a great café that serves ice cream. After an afternoon of shopping in Manteo, get some ice cream and go sit on the docks.

The only flaw of a beach vacation in Nags Head is that it ends. Rent a house down there next summer, even if it’s just for a weekend. You’ll come back feeling cheery and refreshed. And that’s what summer is all about.




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