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Valencia: Modern Architecture

- admin

IMAX theater and performing arts centre.
Ever wonder what the future might look like? The modern architecture in Valencia, Spain is exactly what I picture when I think of future cities. Visiting the modern part of Valencia was my family’s favorite portion of our trip to the city.
The IMAX theater- we saw a film about Egypt.

World-renowned Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava produced the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, which contains a park, an opera house/performing arts center (Palau de la Musica), a science museum (El Museu de les Ciencies), an IMAX theater, an aquarium also with an aviary, and other structures such as a long walkway, restaurants, and a large pool (not a swimming pool!) which extends all the way from the Palau de la Musica to the Museu de les Ciencies.

In the oceanographic park!

The information building of the oceanographic park- cool looking right?
We saw a great dolphin show.

My only complaint about the experience was that we were there in the midday heat of August and it was extremely hot. Luckily, there was shade all along the walkways that kept us relatively cool.

The Opera house/performing arts centre.

The architecture is truly unique- I have not seen anything like it. If you visit Valencia, you should definitely check out this part of the city. I can guarantee you will be amazed by what you see.



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