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Hi Everyone on Teen Travel Talk

I want to say hi to everyone….this is my first blog on Teen Travel Talk and I am very glad to be here!

Let me introduce myself. my name is ……………Oh sorry, there’s a rule about saying your name blah blah blah so just call me L.S. for leisure son. To start with my screen name comes from my dad. He teaches leisure and tourism which has to do with all the aspects of you guessed it…travel. So, we travel a lot. In fact, around the world. I am kind of lucky I guess! You name it and I’ve been to much of it!

I’m going to jump in running with this. How about we talk about something that has a lot of important stuff in it yet is very fun? The World’s Fair. I most recently went to a fair in Zaragoza, Spain in summer 2008. I wanted to mention this because there will be the most crazily big one in China in Shanghai in 2010. It will be the biggest one of all time!

Enough about the whole thing… how about why you should want to go? If you are into science their is a lot of stuff there. You can also learn about hundreds of countries without ever going to any them. Add to this lots of cool food and thousands of entertainment events and you can’t possibly go wrong. It’s great for teens and kids because they always have a few booths with new technologies and you will love to collect the free giveaways. I collected about six different hats and a fun air gun when I was in Zaragoza…plus more…all freebies!

They always have a cute mascot as well. The one in Zaragoza was called Fluvi, which was a water droplet brought to life. Shanghai also has a lot of water stuff and I think their mascot also looks watery.

Anyway, dad says it won’t be too expensive to go there and there is lots of other cool stuff in China and Asia to see…so beg your parents for a trip now!

There’s so much to see in the world so get started with Leisureson!

Happy travels to all.




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