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Point Pleasant Beach

- Alexis

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I took a day trip to Point Pleasant, NJ. When we first got there we walked to get wristbands and then immediately put our things down and went in the ocean. Since it was in the middle of August, there were a bunch of jelly fish in the ocean. After that we walked to Jenkinsions Pier where we all got lunch — it was the usual unhealthy but good tasting boardwalk food with burgers, fries, fried dough, and cotton candy.

We then walked to the Fun House. Ever since I was about seven I hated the Fun House because you never know what to expect when you’re in there. In the beginning there are a lot of mirrors and you have to maneuver your way through. It took us about 10 minutes to figure it out. We took our time through the whole thing because we were all scared to go first even though its not really scary. When we finally got to the outside part we were so relieved to see the light. It was my time to lead all of us into a new part that they put in and I had no idea where I was going. When we finally got to the last part we sacrificed one of our friends to go first because we knew that there was a fake gorilla in a cage that popped up. At the very end, air shoots up at you unexpectedly so we ran over real fast to make sure it didn’t go off!

After going into the Fun House, we walked next door to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Even though I have been there about seven times already, I still wanted to go because there’s always some cool fish and other new sea creatures to check out. Overall it was a really fun day and I definitely recommend Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and Jenkinson’s Pier to teens, their friends and families.




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