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Sliding Through the Tate Modern

- Ally

In 2007 I went to London with my dad and we had a great time. Who would have known that there were some many cool things there! One thing that I really enjoyed was when we went to the Tate Modern Museum. The Tate Modern is not just a awesome museum it’s like a big playground. When you walk in the entrance the first thing you see are 5 giant, long, twisting slides. Of course I insisted in getting to go on the highest one, but it was booked and the second to highest one was closed. We had to go on the level 3 slide (there are 5 different levels). Although this slide wasn’t as high up as the 5th floor one it was still so much fun!

I’m usually the one that hates going to museums, but this museum was just so different than any other one I’ve ever been to. For some reason the exhibits were interesting to me – I think perhaps the energetic slides put me in the right mood to enjoy the artwork at the museum! The Tate Modern is definitely a museum I would like to go to again.
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