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How ’bout a picnic?

- Hye Sung

We’re running into a slow traveling season, where the whole world is full of activity. We’re all flooded with jobs, school work, clubs, sports, and everything else that life demands from us. Welcome to the off season. It will be awhile to we can smell the sweet scent of sun block, or have that “healthy” pink look, or pack our luggage, or order tickets for a plane or cruise. There is not even time to go down the shore, where I live an hour away from, and the water is already a bit on the chilly side.

So… we’re in the real world. And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, the weather is beautiful right now, at least in New Jersey. The chilly winds are coming in slowly but surely and the sunsets still explode in the skies and the Sun is still living. The weather is getting cooler, but that is nothing to get depressed about. Enjoy it.

I personally suggest having a picnic. With the family or some friends, go out to a local park, bring some food, and lay down on the grass, play some volleyball, and catch up with others. For my friend’s birthday, we did exactly that. The sun was bright and the air was cool and we decided to picnic beside a pond at a local park. We shared memories about out friend, we ate a lot (crumb cake, macaroni and cheese, Sun Chips, etc.), tried to build a pyramid (didn’t work out), opened presents, brought out the cake, all that good stuff. Somehow the picnic spanned over 3 hours, but it was pretty terrific and it is something I strongly recommend. Take advantage of what the Season is giving you :)




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