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Lost in A Corn Maze

- Alexis

Since October is approaching and fall is finally here, I figured I would write about my visit to a corn maze. A few years back my dad took my cousin and I to a corn maze. Every year, they change the pattern to be something specific. The only way you could recognize what it was is if you were in a helicopter. When we started it was a little confusing but then we started to get a hang of it. The most annoying part is when you make a wrong turn and then there’s a dead end. At one point we got so confused and got lost. It took us about a half hour to get back on track.

We were in there for so long and the weather wasn’t looking well so we tried to get out of there a little faster. We started to really focus and concentrate so we wouldn’t get rained on. That method started to work really fast. Finally, after about two hours of trying to get out of there we found the exit. It was tons of fun but definitely very tiring.



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