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The Memoirs: Part 1 – Cleveland

- Callie

Sometimes when I go on vacation, I write what I call “The Memoirs” to my friend and fellow blogger, Alex. Basically, I write the daily events and funny stories of my trip and then give it to her to read when I get home.

Last Summer, I went on a vacation to Glenn Lake, Michigan with my dad’s side of the family. Lucky for you all, I wrote “Memoirs” while I was there, so now I can share some of my Michigan experiences with you. Since you can’t beat primary sources, I’ll be taking some direct entries from the Memoirs themselves with some interjections.

August 8, 2008

Today we went to the home town of Lebron James, CLEVELAND OHIO.
We’re staying here overnight and tomorrow we’ll finish the drive and get to the lake in Michigan around 5 o’clock. So what, you ask, is in Cleveland other than Lebron James? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!

We pretty much spent all day there and it was pretty cool. We saw clothes of Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury (and Springstien, Madonna, and U2, but not Nirvana) [<- a little Bowling for Soup 1985 joke I thought was clever at the time] and many others. And they had Janis Joplin’s convertable! They had exhibits for Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Beatles.

But the best part…I WAS 3 INCHES AWAY FROM KURT COBAIN’S ACTUAL GUITAR THAT HE ACTUALLY USED ON THE IN UTERO TOUR, 1993-1994. The only thing seperating us was glass. It’s really cool that you [and by “you” and meant “I”] get to be so close to a guitar Kurt played and papers Jim Morrison wrote and clothes Jimi Hendrix wore.
For more information on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame —



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