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Checking Out Six Flags’ Roller Coasters

- Alexis

Just before school ended, my friends and I took a day trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Since the forecast was for rain, the park was empty but we got lucky and it turned out to be a beautiful day. One of my friends, Brooke, had only gone on a roller coaster two times before and so she was really nervous but still determined to go on every roller coaster in the park.

When we first arrived we went on Skull Mountain which is a ride that is in the dark and has no flips. Then my other friend, Shea, who has been to Six Flags many times, took us to the next roller coaster, Nitro. As we were waiting in line Brooke started literally breaking down. I hadn’t been on Nitro either and I was a little nervous too. When it was our turn to go on I tried not to think about the drop but it was impossible when we started to go up the hill. I just closed my eyes and felt my stomach drop. I started screaming and Brooke was flipping out. After the ride was over, I realized that it actually wasn’t that bad.

Since it was really hot out, Shea and I went on the water ride even though I didn’t want to get wet. I thought that maybe I’d luck out and stay dry. Instead, I got soaked! What was I thinking? After that we went on the Batman ride. It was Brooke’s first roller coaster where your feet hang off and are suspended as well as her first flip roller coaster. I was surpised after when she said it was actually a lot of fun and she really enjoyed it!

We then walked to the other side of the park to go on the other roller coasters. First we went on Dark Night which also has no flips. Then we went on Superman. I thought it was so cool how you lie on your stomach for Superman. That was by far my favorite roller coaster so far.

After feeling like we were flying on Superman, we went on El Toro, the wooden roller coaster. Brooke and I sat with each other while Shea sat behind us. We started to accelerate up the steep hill and it went extremely fast. It was by far the fastest roller coaster I have ever been on. When you stand next to it, it actually sounds like a plane is flying by you.

Finally, we reached the roller coaster we were all most excited to go on, Bizarro. This had the longest line of them all. My favorite part of the roller coaster was the fire and the mist which was really cool. You can actually feel the heat of the fire when you go by. This was the first roller coaster when I kept my eyes open the whole time and I’m glad I did! It was an awesome ride — glad we saved the best for last!

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is great for the whole family and teens. I definitely recommend it for a day trip. There are about a dozen Six Flags amusement parks around the country; for more information, go to

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